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 Horse riding in Israel
Discover the Golan Heights on horseback

Who can ride at Ramot Ranch

We cater for all levels of riding ability; you can enjoy our trails whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. Children can ride on the trail from the age of 11 yrs or above. We have a weight limit of up to 100 kgs per rider. Please make sure to book your ride in advance, we are open all year round – 7 days a week.

Which trail to choose?

All our trail rides start with a 15 minute explanation and demonstration, our qualified instructors will help you mount your horse and check that you are comfortable before heading out on the trail.  Whichever option you choose you will enjoy fantastic views of the Sea of Galilee, Galilee and Golan. If you wish to ride to the shores of the Kinneret please choose one of our half or full day rides.

One hour trek

Suitable for all levels of experience. Whether this is your first time on a horse or you are an experienced rider, this fantastic trail takes you out the hills above Moshav Ramot. Riding though some of the Golan’s most beautiful countryside you will enjoy the breathtaking views of the Sea of Galilee and surrounding mountains. Cost 150 NIS per person

Two hour trek

This ride is also suitable for all levels of riding ability. Enjoy the stunning views of the Sea of Galilee and surrounding area. If you are more experienced there will also be time for some nice cantering. Cost 300 NIS per person

Half Day Ridesזוג ברכיבה לאור שקיעה עם נוף לכינרת. חוות רמות

Suitable for all sport and nature lovers, experienced riders will enjoy the longer canters on this ride, however you do not need to be an experienced rider to join this fabulous trail. We can reach some of the nearby water holes and rivers on this ride and will be happy to make tea and coffee when we stop for a rest. Cost 600 NIS per person

Full Day Rides

 We suggest that you try some of the shorter rides if this is your first time on a horse, however you do not need to have years of experience to enjoy our full day trail. We stop next to some of the coolest water holes and springs  and rivers. Offering tea and coffee along the trail there is no doubt that this will be an experience never to be forgotten. Cost 950 NIS per person

Child Friendly Ranch

Ramot Ranch is a great place for kids. Trekking, however, is only suitable for children over the age of 11. For smaller children, we offers a number of activities including riding lessons and shorter rides around the Ranch.

Additional ranch activities include trails in the steps of Jesus around the Sea of Galilee. Romantic trails for couples including picnics and massages. Long and short pack trips.

Only a few minutes down the hill there are 3 superb restaurants, 2 mini markets and a pizza delivery service. Other highly recommended restaurants and bars are only a short distance away.

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Fill in the form and we will be happy to assist you with planning your trip

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